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Great sex is a skill, flex it here

Resources, insights, and education on how to slow down and repair your relationship with your body.
Because not even Jack likes a rabbit.

Get out of your head and give it instead

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We live in a culture with a cognitive bias, where thinking and doing are the holy grail and we are taught to control and repress the desires of the body, glorifying the hustle so we can squeeze every ounce of productivity out of ourselves. The antidote to this is slowing down, prioritising pleasure, and developing our embodiment. 


Somatic sexology is that pathway to get you out of your head and into your body. It is the melding of sexology, the scientific study of sex, and somatics, a method of focusing awareness through the body. 


As a modality, it is designed to help you learn about your body, increase your sexual confidence, improve your sexual communication, and get curious about your desires. The result? A magnificent ripple effect on our lives, and the lives of those around us—characterised by aliveness, vibrancy, creativity, and deep fulfilment, infusing every aspect of our being.

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