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Work with Me

Get ready to live your best (sex) life

Pleasure is your birthright—let’s dial up yours through your choice of 1:1, couples or small group education, coaching and workshops.

Practice makes pleasure

When you’re lost in the throes of a steamy midday fantasy, what is it that you see? How do you like to be touched? What sends you hurtling over the edge? If you found yourself unable to answer those questions, you’re not alone—many of us haven’t spent much time exploring our eroticism.


The sex education we receive in our schooling is dismal at best; and the indirect sex education we receive from pornography and pop culture often does more harm than good. 


The truth is: toe-curling, back-arching sex is a skill that we cultivate through self-exploration, open communication, and practice. Your relationship to sex and intimacy is something to be discovered—and magic, hedonistic, and erotic fulfilment awaits.

What brings you here?

There are plenty of paths here for the pleasure seekers. Do any of these sound familiar?


You and your partner/s have a mismatched libido that’s impacting your relationships and/or sex

Anxiety, depression and/or trauma is showing up at inopportune moments

Body image is rock bottom and it’s affecting your relationships and/or sex

Ya getting tired of doing the same old thing and want to spice up your (sex) life

There’s a new diagnosis in town and you want to know what it means for your (sex) life

You’re curious about exploring fantasies and desires in a safe space

Areas I specialise in

The beauty of somatic sexology is that it’s an educational modality—you don’t need to be experiencing any difficulties or concerns to book a session—you just need to be curious and open to learning new skills and techniques that will enhance your erotic life. However, these are some of the areas I can help you to explore.

Sexual Concerns

Painful sex

Performance anxiety

Difficulty with orgasm

Difficulty with engorgement & arousal

Early ejaculation

Desire discrepancy

Low sexual desire

Individual Inquiries

Sexual & body confidence

Anatomy & arousal education

Sexual mindfulness

Embodiment rituals


Accessing more pleasure

Learning new sexual skills

Relational Inquiries

Sexual communication & consent

Deepening connection & intimacy

Genital worship rituals

Expressing fantasies & desires

Overcoming libido challenges

And many things in between! If you can’t see your interest or issue on the list, get in touch and we can explore it together.

At your service

1:1 Sex & Intimacy Education

Beginning with embodiment practices to get you out of your head and into your body, oriented to our shared space—my approach is somatic and practice-based, which means that you learn by doing.


To help you integrate the learnings from each session, you’ll receive a Pleasure Prescription—a curation of home practices and resources to explore outside of our time together.


Sessions are 100% led by you and your needs, which means we move at your own pace and you have complete agency over what we explore in session—your body is our guide.


FROM $140

Woman in underwear looking over her shoulder
1:1 Sex and Intimacy Education
Couple looking into each other's eyes

Relationship & Couples Coaching

Whether your relationship is fresh, established, or in need of CPR, couples counselling is available.


Trauma-informed and pleasure-focused, I guide you and your partner to explore yourselves and each other to get you living your best (sex) lives.

Couples counselling is an effective way to improve your communication skills, address relational or sexual issues, and deepen your intimacy. It provides an opportunity for all partners to be heard and understood while forging a holistic path forward.

To help you integrate the learnings from each session, you’ll receive a Pleasure Prescription—a curation of home practices and resources to explore outside of our time together.


FROM $190

Couples Coaching

Workshops & Events

Our sexual experiences and proclivities are as varied as our faces (and genitals!) and often, our best learning comes from our peers.


I can help you explore and navigate conversations about sex and pleasure with ease, from anatomy and arousal to mindful sex and the art of seduction. I am a skilled and vivacious facilitator and speaker, adept at creating safe and open spaces for people from all walks of life to explore and navigate conversations about sex and pleasure.


Get in touch about a bespoke workshop for a birthday, hens party, retreat or event—it’ll be a titillating experience to remember!



Workshops & Events

Group Sex (Ed)

Gather a bunch of your besties and strap yourself in for Group Sex (Ed). Bringing shame-free, pleasure-focused education to your friends or community is such a gift and there is unique potency in discussing and learning about sex in a group environment.

Group Sex (Ed) is a fun and playful workshop delivered in a relaxed and engaging way. A skilled and vivacious facilitator, I create safe and open spaces for people from all walks of life to explore and navigate conversations about sex and pleasure. You can expect a 1-1.5h workshop complete with a no-holds-barred Q+A to get all your burning questions and curiosities addressed (uh huh, even if you're asking for a friend).

Group Sex (Ed) pairs perfectly with wine and charcuterie nights, dinner parties, and backyard picnics. You choose the topic you'd like to explore, venue, and guest list and I'll bring juicy insights and practical tips to help you elevate your pleasure and live your best (sex) life.



What others have said

“Thank you so much for the Hens Party workshop yesterday, you were incredible and such a fun vibe. Everyone loved it—I can’t thank you enough!”
—Scarlet, Sydney

Put your mind (and body) at ease

It’s normal to have a zillion questions. Here are a few of the frequently asked ones.

  • What happens in a session?
    I offer sex and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples online via Zoom. These sessions are a combination of education, coaching, and counselling techniques. Each session can look a little different depending on what you bring to the table, but I’ll always begin each session by guiding you through an embodiment practice to get you into your body and oriented to our shared space—this often looks like a body scan or some breathwork. We’ll have a conversation about where you’re at and what you’d like to address or learn in our time together before I offer you some options for practices that we can complete in session. Sessions are 100% client-led which means we move at your own pace and you have complete agency over what we explore in session—your body is our guide. I will meet you where you’re at and cultivate a safe space free from judgement where we can explore your edges, eroticism, and embodiment. You can expect a healthy dose of humour and playfulness woven throughout the session—our bodies are softer and more open when we embrace the joyous and absurd.
  • Who do you work with?
    I create a safe and judgement-free container for people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations to explore sex, pleasure, and intimacy. Whether you're single or in any kind of relationship, you can learn a lot about yourself and your partners. All people are welcome and respected, sessions are LGBTQIA+ inclusive and safe.
  • What are your fees?
    60-minute individual sessions are $140 90-minute individual or couples sessions are $190
  • How should I prepare for my session?
    Great question! I recommend creating a comfortable space free of distractions, so you can tune into our time together. You might like to make a cup of tea, light a candle, or take some deep breaths. If you’re the note-taking type, be sure to have a notebook and pen handy! And wear something comfortable that you feel like your best self in.
  • Will you give me homework?
    Uh-huh, honey! Integrating the learnings we’ve uncovered in session is crucial to long-term change and growth. After our session, I’ll email you a bespoke Pleasure Prescription with some exercises, ideas, and resources to explore solo or with a partner. Prioritising these practices and approaching them with an open, curious mindset will bring you maximum benefit and enjoyment.
  • I’m intrigued but I’m nervous! Is that normal?
    This is completely normal! Talking openly about sex and sexual concerns can be uncomfortable and confronting. Safety, autonomy, and grounding are the pillars of this work—we begin every session with a gentle embodiment practice to get you feeling grounded and embodied, and I aim to create a safe and judgement-free container for you to explore your curiosities and concerns at your own pace. Each session is client-led which means we will work within your boundaries and you have complete agency over what we cover—your body is our guide.
  • Do sessions involve nudity, sex or touch?
    No. These sessions are educational and are hands-off, clothes-on. I do not touch clients.
  • Do I need to have an issue to come and see you?
    Nope! The beauty of somatic sexology is that it is an educational modality—I believe that even if you’re having great sex, it can always be better and there is always more to discover. Why would you say no to more pleasure?!
  • How many sessions will it take to get me where I want to be?
    This is dependent on a couple of factors—where you’re at when we begin this journey and what your goals are. Everyone's journey is unique and some goals take longer than others to achieve. You don’t go to the gym or see a psychologist once and expect instant results—somatic sex coaching is the same. The more time and conscious effort you invest into your sexual health and happiness, the more change you will see. It’s rare to get exactly what you want and need from a one-hour session—sex, bodies, and relationships are complex and it takes time to cultivate a deep self-understanding. While I do offer one-off sessions, most clients see me for 5+ sessions to work together over a longer period of time.
  • Should I come alone or with my partner? What if they don’t want to come?
    Again, this depends on what your goals are. I often recommend beginning with a few 1:1 sessions to establish your erotic goals and deepen your embodiment. Then, we can bring your partner on board. For couples, sex coaching can be a great way to practise your sexual communication skills, explore your fantasies and desires, or address a sexual issue or concern. If your partner is unwilling or unable to participate in sessions, this is okay. There will be ideas and exercises you can take home and incorporate into your relationship. Your learnings and growth will influence and shape your relational dynamic and often, when your partner sees the change within you, they can feel more open to participating together. It can feel scary to broach the topic of getting professional support for the first time—this is completely normal. I recommend speaking about your curiosities and the potential benefits of sex coaching rather than focusing on what’s ‘wrong’ in your sex life or relationship.

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Fulfilling sex is life-changing.
Want to experience it for yourself?

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