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Lillie Brown sitting on a large brown couch

Welcome to the Pleasure Parlour

Your home of juicy and judgement-free sex and pleasure education

Sensual Tentacles

Wanna get out of your head and give it instead?

Sexuality and eroticism is a core part of what makes us human, yet there are still so many archaic and damaging narratives preventing us from living our best (sex) life. We all deserve to feel confident and curious to explore our bodies and ourselves. Get ready to claim pleasure as your birthright and stop ‘shoulding’ all over the place.

Fierce and Juicy


I'm Lillie

Meet the Queen of the Pleasure Parlour

I’m Lillie Brown (she/her), a somatic sexologist, trauma-informed educator and intimacy coach.


Leopard-print wearing and most-of-the-time swearing, I believe fulfilling sex is life-changing. It’s time that sexuality is embraced as a core tenet of health and wellbeing, so I’m here to help people of all genders explore their eroticism and have pleasure-centred sex.


Want to learn more?

The Orchid Altar

What is somatic sexology?

Somatic sexology melds somatics (focusing awareness on the body) with sexology (the scientific study of human sexuality) to create space for unencumbered growth, choice and play. Weaving together the ancient wisdom of yoga, tantra and other embodiment practices, with the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and somatic learning theory, you can open up a world of deep presence and awareness to access pleasure you never thought possible.

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1:1 Sex & Intimacy Education

How we can work together

Relationship & Couples Coaching

Workshops & Events

Lillie Brown laying down on a colourful rug

There is no way to repress pleasure and expect  liberation,  satisfaction or joy.

—adrienne maree brown

Hear from your fellow pleasure seekers

“Thank you so much for the Hens Party workshop yesterday, you were incredible and such a fun vibe. Everyone loved it—I can’t thank you enough!”
—Scarlet, Sydney
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